The University of Delaware Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities

The University of Delaware Department of Human Development and Family Studies is an interdisciplinary, applied academic unit that prepares undergraduates for practice or graduate studies in early childhood education, family studies, and human services, broadly defined. The Department educates graduate students to be scholarly and professional leaders who study critical child, youth, and family issues in the community, and build quality institutions of higher education that support college student learning. Faculty and students integrate theory, research, practice, policy and service into all our work. The Department values diversity, inclusion and the promotion of positive human development within the rapidly changing global context in which we live.

The Department of Human Development and Family Studies at the University of Delaware offers both graduate and undergraduate degrees, conducts research in the areas of human development, family studies and counseling, and provides service throughout the region, country and world.

The Department offers undergraduate degrees in Human Services and Early Childhood Education with many opportunities for hands on experiences working with children, youth, adults and families. Graduate programs (including: M.S. Human Development and Family Studies) provide applied instruction in human services management and leadership, youth development, and early childhood education. A Ph.D. program focuses on young children and youth within the context of their families