How Does this Program Differ from Others in Florida?

The Florida Developmental Disabilities Network Collaborative Leadership Program is a leadership development training opportunity for self-advocates and DD agency leaders to participate in in-person and virtual learning opportunities designed to build your strengths as a Florida DD systems leader.

The Florida DD Network Collaborative Leadership Program will:

  • Build and develop your leadership skills and strengths
  • Help you identify issues in the Florida DD system that limit the rights of people with disabilities
  • Help you develop a plan to improve issues in the Florida IDD system 4. Help you better the IDD system in Florida
  • Build and develop your skills to support younger Florida I/DD leaders

To do that, the Florida DD Network Collaborative Leadership Program will:

  • Help you find your own strengths and needs to become a better leader
  • Help you grow and become better at advocating for yourself and others
  • Help you become a mentor to other advocate leaders
  • Help you impact systems change
  • Help you advocate for more inclusive policy
  • Help you advocate for better services and supports for people with IDD
  • Help you advocate for services and supports that respect diverse people with IDD and their families.
  • Help you make plans to solve problems in the Florida IDD system Connect you with others who are interested in IDD issues
  • Help you make sure that other self-advocates are heard

This Program differs from others, specifically other self-advocacy training programs, in the following ways.

Leadership Development focused on your strengths and interests: This program believes that you are already a great leader All program activities will focus on your strengths and passions. We know that focusing on what you are good at will help make you a better leader.

Working with Other Leaders in Your State:You will be working together with leaders of other IDD agencies. You will work with Florida IDD leaders to make Florida IDD systems better. to address issues and promote change in the Florida Developmental Disabilities system. We believe that learning with other leaders who have different experiences will make everyone a better leader.

Planning to Make IDD systems Better: You will make a plan to help fix an issue that affects people with disabilities in Florida. During the year that you are a part of the program, you will meet and talk with people that will help you reach your gal. By the end of the program, you will have a plan to meet your change goal.

Mentors (Guides) Chosen for You: We will match you with a mentor that knows a lot about the problem you are trying to fix. He or she will help you fix the program. Once you a matched with a mentor, we will help you set up times to meet with them.

You Will Keep Leading After the Program has Ended: At the end of the program, we will ask you to mentor young advocate leaders. You will meet and work with other advocates who are interested in change. We hope that you will keep helping even after this program has ended. We hope that you will be a leader in the Florida IDD system.

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Sponsored by United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, Inc.