What Past Canadian Participants of The National Leadership Consortium's Leadership Institutes Have Said...

“I came to the Leadership Consortium with a 3 year well thought out plan on how to change supports and services in my organization towards a per person directed way; Although this was good work, the Leadership Challenge flipped this on its head and had me re-thinking and re-framing my approach and how to set this up for success.”
~ Chris Wiersma, Christian Horizons, Ontario
“The Leadership Institute increased my knowledge, broadened my network, and inspired me to lead change in my work, organization, and community. ”
~ Ray Leclair, Public Guardian & Trustee, British Columbia

Participants of the Leadership Institutes, classroom photo

“My experience at the Leadership Consortium was amazing! I have been in the Developmental Services field for 24 years, and have experienced a lot, however, this week shattered some of my preconceived ideas of what "support" for people who experience disabilities looks like. Dig in, trust the instructors, and you will never be the same!”
~ Grant Carr, Christian Horizons, Ontario
“This Leadership Institute was the most valuable training that I have had in my career. I learned so much about myself, my skills, what I need to tweak and was given tools to help me with all of this. I was able to network with like-minded professionals. The team exercises were great. The presenters were innovative, informative, and incredibly approachable. An amazing experience. ”
~ Marcela Herrera, Community Living Society, British Columbia
“Participation in the Leadership Institute has motivated and inspired me to shift focus from agency and sector services to comprehensive systems transformation and cross-sectoral collaborations. Disability issues are human rights issues. All people have the right to live a life that matters to them. This means more natural and social support networks.”
~ Pamela Singleton-Palmer, Aptus Treatment Centre, Ontario
“The Ontario Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities is one of the best investments you can make for your leaders. It provides great learning, knowledge sharing and networking with great leaders in our sector. The content of the week takes you through your own journey within your agency and really identifies your leadership styles and how you can make a difference. ”
~ Debb Young, Community Living Guelph Wellington, Ontario
“The Leadership Institute is a fantastic experience. If you, like me, are beginning a more focused leadership journey, you will find opportunities to increase your skills, gain practical tools and learn from excellent mentors and peers. I cannot recommend it enough. ”
~ Nicole Baker, Lifetime Networks, British Columbia
“One of the big things for me was that I realized that I am not alone in this process; everyone has had similar challenges and experiences. It has given me the self-confidence to move forward. It will be important for me to assemble the right team. It has given me more self-esteem because I was feeling pretty alone in this journey. I really needed this to push me out of my comfort zone. I will need to do this to move forward in my agency. I know that I have added to my tool box of contacts, skills, etc. You folks are awesome!! ”
~ Linda Long, Quad County Support Services, Ontario
“Participating in the Leadership Institute was inspiring and invigorating. What an honor it was to spend the whole week focusing on the importance of social justice for all (and how to make it happen). Now I'm part of a large network of other leaders working towards the same cause. Highly recommend! ”
~ Natalie Karam, Chilliwack Society for Community Living, British Columbia
“The Leadership Institute blew my mind wide open to the endless opportunities that should be available for supported individuals. We will make all individuals "citizens". ”
~ Trevor McFadden, Participation Lodge Grey Bruce, Ontario
“The Leadership Institute will completely re-shape how you view the services you offer and how you think of your role. You gain knowledge, resources, and most importantly, friends and allies. ”
~ Chantel Horvath, TCS, British Columbia
“WOW! This week was incredibly powerful. I loved that ample time was spent on self-assessment/reflection, in addition to learning new leadership concepts. I learned so much from the staff, speakers and fellow participants alike and really appreciated the emphasis on practical application of what we learned! Overall, fantastic! Thank you! ”
~ Jessica Bourdeau, Counselling and Support Services of Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry, Ontario
“The Leadership Institute increased my knowledge, broadened my network, and inspired me to lead change in my work, organization, and community. ”
~ Ray Leclair, Public Guardian & Trustee, British Columbia
“The Leadership Consortium has provided the best learning experience I have ever had. I learned about my strengths and how I am perceived by those who work around me. I was challenged to think about how supports really should be and I was given the tools necessary to carry out a change initiative tailored to the agency I work for. I am excited for the future of this field. ”
~ Melodie Cook, Community Living Windsor, Ontario
“It's an amazing learning experience! Knowledgeable faculty who are very engaging. I walked away feeling energized and with a whole new group of peers from whom I can draw strength! Well worth it!”
~ James Long, Langley Association for Community Living, British Columbia
“I believe this was even more helpful in my role where I support the organization (Finance/ HR) because it lets me see where the sector is going and how I can help the direct support team navigate the path ahead. I can work with them, rather than follow. I can be a true partner in the journey and I am looking forward to starting. ”
~ Dan Rankin, Community Living Hamilton, Ontario
“The Leadership Institute was a great opportunity not only to learn different support models and changing/emerging practices, but to connect with other professionals from the sector with diverse knowledge. It was amazing!”
~ Sheila Bennett, Communitas Supportive Care, Okanagan Inclusion, British Columbia
“Great combination of insight to effective leadership and the current issues and challenges within the Disability Services Sector. Great investment in time.”
~ Ann Blondeau, Christian Horizons, Ontario
“Excellent course. Lots of information for personal growth and insight. Opportunities to reflect and assess organizations' services, inspiration for full citizenship for people with disabilities. ”
~ Wanda Lougheed, Surex Community Services, Ontario
“The Institute offers the opportunity to self-reflect, engage with peers and understand what the broader industry is focusing on and working towards. ”
~ Mike Water, Power to Be Adventure Therapy Society, British Columbia
“The week was a great blend of lecture style information, break out discussion groups to broaden thinking, self-discovery and networking. I felt the training challenged my thinking, questioned how I do things and gave me hope for what's to come. A great participatory training that challenges your thinking and practices -- yet inspires. I can hardly wait to get to work. ”
~ Beth Robinson, Woodstock and District Developmental Services, Ontario
“This [training] exceeded my expectations. The networking with people from all agencies was incredible. I've been to many leadership sessions but have never come out of one feeling as rejuvenated and clearly having a vision as to what I need to do. Having the constant "change up" of groups forced me out of my comfort level. This was one of the best things for me and for my development. Making the connections with leaders from other agencies, hearing their stories and struggles grounded me and made me see that I am not alone. The faculty, all of them were amazing. Fun, educational and extremely helpful. Thank you. ”
~ Lorrie Arsenault, Community Living Quinte West, Ontario